One Coin for All Your Cards

Entrepreneur Kanish Parashar has an ambitious goal: He wants to replace every credit card, gift card and loyalty card in your wallet.

To do that, Parashar has founded a company called Coin. Unlike other companies like Square and PayPal that are trying to do the same thing with mobile apps and proprietary services, Parashar plans to use something quite different — something that looks like a credit card.

Coin is a Bluetooth card that can be used in the place of the cards in your wallet. Any card with a magnetic strip can be added to Coin, and a button on the front allows you to easily swap between cards. With each button press, the magnetic strip on the card essentially becomes your card of choice, giving you the ability to carry around your whole wallet in just a single piece of plastic. A tiny LED screen displays the last four digits of the card you’re using along with its expiration date.

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Volkswagan Smile Drive. Powered by Google

Americans love their cars. And millennials love to share. Now Volkswagen and Google are hoping to combine the two passions with the goal of making your commute more social.

SmileDrive, the automaker’s new Android app, lets drivers keep track of the route driven during any given journey, the time taken, and the weather along the way.

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